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Par 3 - Maximum Score = 7 (if you are not on green by 5, pick up and card a 7)

Par 4 - Maximum Score = 8 (if you are not on green by 6, pick up and card an 8) 

Par 5 - Maximum Score = 9 (if you are not on green by 7, pick up and card a 9), However – for hole #14, maximum score is unlimited so go for hinkle’s record of 13

 IF a hole opens up in front of you allow players behind you to play through- the POPS rule will be strictly enforced .


Important Golf Holes - Front Nine

NOTE: For all closest to the pins, record the 3 closest distances.

Important Note: Side bets (Pops- Make sure you bring some coin) within your foursome and with other foursomes is strongly encouraged.

 #1 - Record the names of all golfers who enter the water.  Any player hitting a ball into the water must continue to tee off until he/she does not put the ball in the water.  (Note: In an effort to speed play, Mouse Morrissey may place the ball on the other side of the water after his 3rd time in the pond).  Each golfer should place $2 in the container at the first hole to help cover the cost of the money holes (and start a college fund for my kids).  An additional $2 should be added for each shot in the pond.               

 #1A - Accuracy - Test your accuracy skills.  Hit your drive down the middle and record the closest to the line down the middle.  The shot must be your first shot over the water but not necessarily your tee shot.

#2 -  Closest to the pin

#3 - Longest Putt Made.  Record the length of the longest putt that is made - ball must     be on the green or someone in your foursome must at least swear that it looked like it was on the green from where he was standing.

This is where you get some lunch.  There should be some hot dogs, chips, pretzels, somewhere in the pavilion behind the green.  Beer should be on tap also – it is for Reading open participants only -  help keep the other derelicts away.  Soda and water will be in coolers in the pavilion.   There may be a pig laying around back there – don’t eat it any until your round is finished.

#5  Closest to the pin

 #6  Longest drive - your ball must be in the vicinity of the fairway. 

 #7 - “DRIVE THE GREEN” Contest -$$$ MONEY HOLE $$$-.  This short Par 4 is easily reachable for you big hitters - Tony “THE BODY” Jacowitz, Mike “stats” Pirato, ,  Bob “wolfshit” Wolfie , Pete  “Frenchy” Blanchet and maybe even Pops from the ladies tee .  To be eligible for this award, your tee shot must not only come to rest on the green but must do so while the group in front of you is putting out.

#9 - Closest to the pin - $$$ MONEY HOLE $$$.

 Important Golf Holes - Back Nine

#11 Closest to the pin.  

#13 Closest to the pin.

#14  Longest drive - your ball must be in the vicinity of the fairway. 

            NOTE: For this hole the Cappo system has been waived - there is no maximum score - so Tanya – go for the record!!!


 #15 - $$$ Closest to the pin - 2nd  shot - MONEY HOLE  $$$ 

If you Drive to the putting surface you are eliminated from this contest

 Note : there should be some hookers at this hole handing out jello shots – if you want anything else you need to negotiaite.

 #18 - $$$ Closest to the pin for the BIG MONEY $$$     

            (No mulligans – This means you meatsie!!! )

#19 - You must be present at the Awards Ceremony at the PAVILION to receive any awards unless the tournament director decides otherwise.