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Last year I decided to put several cameras (throw-aways) out on the course at various locations ( I think that cheap bastard witzee took one home).  I told you to take some interesting pictures of the people in your foursome.  Talk about a waste of film - you guys suck!!!!  Most of the pictures were taken from about 40 feet away and you can't even identify the moron in the picture.    Here is an example of the many Pulitzer prize winning photos:

There were actually a few decent photos

mollenexbuddy.jpg (31346 bytes) Does any one recognize this idiot?
legshot.jpg (32876 bytes) Excellent leg shot Ads
burnsie-long.jpg (30270 bytes) I think this picture was taken from 2 holes away - unfortunately the golfer can still be identified
bronico.jpg (41767 bytes) What a shock - this narcissist was the only egomaniac to take a picture of himself
ear.jpg (25627 bytes)   I need to know who took this picture 
grass.jpg (36555 bytes) IS that it?
meatsputt.jpg (26553 bytes) Who is that way up on the green? 

Below are some photos that didn't suck as much

burns4some.jpg (44366 bytes) The burnsie boys yucking it up - "ain't gonna be no Meats this year"
sweat1.jpg (21327 bytes) That sweat sure is a handsome fella - gotta like the haircut
julie1.jpg (33822 bytes) We definitely could use more pictures like this - without the clothes of course
dollwater.jpg (28654 bytes) Donovan finds the water again - what a surprise
 carshot.jpg (36284 bytes) Play it where it lies JIMI


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