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new.gif (144 bytes)POPS - "A Glamour Don't" new.gif (144 bytes)Former Greater Reading Open Award winner (most honest golfer, biggest hazard, closest to clubhouse,  ladies division runner-up among other distinguished awards) bails out of this year's open to try his luck at local theatrical productions.  Let's hope he is better at acting than golf - cause he really sucks at golf.
new.gif (144 bytes)Meats before he found out Burnsie kicked him out of his foursome. Meats helping burnsie out of his car after finding out he was cut.
new.gif (144 bytes)Another picture perfect swing new.gif (144 bytes)Trying to take a divot at Twin Ponds could have disastrous resultsClick here for reverse angle replay.
new.gif (144 bytes)During last years championship round, the rat had quite a few beverages which caused his plumbing to back up.  HE took care of the situation much like he does in his front yard. new.gif (144 bytes)Opening line has rat as a long shot for this year's open - rumor has it he has been spending to much time at the 19th hole
new.gif (144 bytes)Ads finally learns how to use the timer on his new camera.  Nice wall Ads! new.gif (144 bytes)Keep your kids off CRACK!!!!   For bonus points - name that crack.
new.gif (144 bytes)Pops - giving burnsie the "thumbs up" or something like that. new.gif (144 bytes)Rat overcomes some difficult sand shots to win the open
new.gif (144 bytes)Ads - Imitation is the highest form of flattery new.gif (144 bytes)Karen "eat me" Tortellini says - if you take that thing out you better be ready to use it.
new.gif (144 bytes)Look at the size of Oki's club new.gif (144 bytes)Never play poker with the Howard boys - just ask Burnsie
The MVP of every Reading Open Pops and Burnsie showing off
new.gif (144 bytes)Donovan likes it on top Ed cheater Burns before he packed on an extra 100 pounds.  Ed after a good meal
Nobody likes this guy more than himself Don't forget the poker game
new.gif (144 bytes)Dum and Dummer or click here for a solo of Dum Dick McCoy - before he dicks you
Burnsie's most effective club The Graterford foursome on furlough
Burnsie scores 2 hookers after winning 1987 reading Open Champion Burnsie loses 1988 Reading open and reduces celebration to 1 hooker.
Wolfie collects his closest to the pin money after camping out at the 18th hole for 2 hours to make sure nobody cheated.   Coincidentally, this was the only year the last foursome failed to win the cash money Jimi "no past" Lynham ( if you look closely you can see the Norton hat) celebrates another most honest golfer award as Mike "pussywhipped" Hooven makes a rare appearance and wins some bogus award.   In the background is Mark "slam" Dunkin just hours before his incarceration at the hands of Ridley's finest
Ridley Vo-tech golf outing I'm Tiger Woods
The village idiot Hey, where did all this Norton stuff come from?
Suggested attire at Brainiac's stuffy Heidelberg Country Club. Suggested attire at the Reading Open - especially for the Women's division Ridley Moron arrested after winning Reading open low net
Norton guys working off a hangover after 5 hours of electric slide at the Sheraton with burnsie and Ginger Lynn.  And what's with the matching golf shirts. "Come on Pops, spot the chief a twenty, the chief's MAC card is demagnetized, you know the chief is good for it.  The chief's looking good tonight, she's into the chief's antics - huge" 
Fat, lazy, and stupid - is no way to go through life son. The Reading Open celebrates diversity - even child molesters can play.  We also have shysters, the mentally challenged, visionaries LESBIANS, x-cons, alcoholics, narcissistsold nascar morons and new nascar idiots
Last - But not least - POPS in HEAVEN

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