Whatever those guys are drinking - give me a double Twins - Separated at birth - "It's like looking in the mirror."
This guy is obviously one of the few golfers who is not a card carrying "I Hate Burnsie"  club member I hope Bill IV is a better golfer (and plumber) and Bill III.
Stinky and Stinky's Buddy -   which one is which? "Van de Velde" Snyder's chokes up and slices on the play-off hole.
Dennis Cappo and Ed "I missed another anniversary" Boudman arrive fashionably late to the Meet the players cocktail party. Believe it or not Luke's brother wins and another award
Pete "Frenchy" Blanchet shows excellent form - how do he hit 106? Julie, after finding out that you have to count gimmes, decides to putt every 1 footer  rather than pick up - this brings golf course to a halt
Herb "It's not like he's a real doctor - he went to Penn State" McGrath picks up the long drive award. Two kids and a pig - and there is a hog's head also
Kathy Houck let's her husband   accept longest putt award L'il step-Witzee makes the old man proud
Dave "golf for free" Seivert is still steamed that he had to pay for this tourney Honest, I never met this guy before today officer
Frenchy accepts rookie of the year award even though his golf game was pathetic The Braintrust minus Andy
The perfect family Franco Harris relaxes on the beach
Another class act Luke sinks another 30 footer for birdie
This is scary !!! Meats, after finally  admitting   to burnsie that he sucks at golf and has reached rock bottom, learns to enjoy himself with another 100+ round.
Phil is all hat - no swing; and who is that loser with you A young Meats
Pops - that's a good look for you Rat inadvertently drops his winnings - hopefully my boy pocketed some of it.
Pops- that's not a good look for you You can take the boy out of Collingdale - but you can't take the Collingdale out of the boy.
Mouse helping himself to a mixed drink - not a beer - you got that ET. "Eat me" Tortellini, hoping to validate her nickname during the tourney, goes unsatisfied (what else is new, rat) and shoots a 121.
Stinky (or is it Stinky's buddy) wins long drive and is awarded book titled "how to bath more than once per month" The clueless foursome
And this guy wins every year - you gotta be kiddin.  A kinder, gentler picture of the STATS The new fashion plate

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