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AT the 1999 Greater Reading Open, defending champion Rat had a difficult time on the long par 5 on the back.  It all started with an errant Tee Shot - the pictures below describe his dilemma.  I only wish witzee was there to help with the O.B. ruling.

rat-ob1.jpg (40570 bytes) Rat's drive goes way, way, way left - so much for "I never slice" Bingaman.  If you look closely, you can see that the ball is resting dangerously close to the white stake (what are those things for anyway).
rat-ob2.jpg (35117 bytes) Rat takes a closer look while employing the "foot wedge".
rat-ob3.jpg (38469 bytes) Then he asks Pops to come over and give him a ruling.  Either that or he is showing Pops how he is going to shoot him if he mentions this situation to anyone.
rat-ob4.jpg (52529 bytes) "What the hell, Witzee's not around, I'm playing it".  Rat later records a birdie on this hole.


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