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This is a story about a poor catholic boy who pulled himself out of the gutter, the one outside Dolan's Tavern. At a young age he would go to the West Chester Golf Classic in New York and work in the parking lot just for the chance to get a glimpse at some of the tour professionals. (We later discovered he made more money working the parking lot than most of the professional golfers earned at West Chester but that is a story for another day and another website ADS always fancied him self a "big hitter" and a "money player" but he continued to choke in all the majors - Ridley Classic, Greater Reading Open, Avalon Invitational. But on that Hot August day on the challenging Pleasant Hills farmside course, ADS brought home the Reading open championship and has never looked back.  Follow the pictures below to watch ADS rise from street urchin to distinguished country club member. His story gives us all hope.

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ads-dorag.jpg (52737 bytes) Here is Ads at his first major golf tourney in 1984.  You will notice that Ads was way ahead of his time - sporting the "do-rag" years before it became popular among football players and rap artists
ads1.jpg (23016 bytes) Here is ADS in his pre-pre-pre-country club days - Notice the sloppy attire , shirt tail hanging out, collar wide open like some kind of south Philly DAGO, and what's up with the socks. I'll Bet the boys at the prestigious Concord Country Club have never seen this outfit.
ads-shark.jpg (49772 bytes) Here's ADS a year before joining the CLUB. He is sporting a somewhat coordinated outfit -This is accomplished by matching the shark tag on the pants to the shark tag on the shirt. And by golly, ADS looks good in hot pink. This change in wardrobe (notice that he also 86ed the knee-highs) is the first step in the initiation process at the CONCORD.
ads-doughjpg.jpg (38601 bytes) A week before he is sponsored at CONCORD, ADS is spotted paying off  the membership committee chairman.  The chairman gives ADS advice on appropriate attire for the membership meeting.
hospitaldude.jpg (59628 bytes) ADS dresses appropriately and is pictured here celebrating his acceptance into the elitist CONCORD COUNTRY CLUB.  You will notice he has returned to the do-rag as he is pictured here after his latest promotion at connectiv
bum1.jpg (33250 bytes) ADS spotted outside the world famous "Rick's Place" after getting fired from his  job for running the night golf business out of the executive offices at connectiv. 

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