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Pops is overheard in twin ponds clubhouse after arriving very early for last year's open   Karen B celebrating her third consecutive Reading open Championship
Rat celebrating with his wife after winning last year's open   Luke, Witzee, and Sko
Rat - talking to himself as he pulls out the big bertha on the 1st tee   Ads was spotted at the CLUB hitting on Marge the waitress
Gallery comments after Joe Howard tees off at Hole#1   Meats after hitting   3 of Burnsie's balls into the water at #18
Jimi Lynham, Wolfie, and Dick McCoy (before he Dicks you) on playing partner Joe Howard   Attendance has skyrocketed since Donovan started her telemarketing campaign
Meats heading toward the pavilion after the 3rd hole   Pops encouraging Lisa at last year's open.
What did Ads say about 100 times while playing behind the Clemens 4-some   Joe Howard looking up the Reading open web site on his new computer
Meats trying to call domino's for pizza   Meats, discussing one of today's hottest issues.
Good sportsmanship is required of all reading open participants (it takes a while to down load - but it is worth it)   Ads telling Brainiac what he thinks of the Heidelberg Pin that Brainiac proudly displays on his pretentious Heidelberg golf shirt.
Ads describing his sex life Don't be late with the rent if witzee is the landlord
What did pops say after Julie won the Reading open women's division. What was Burnsie's reply   Young cappo after dropping a 23 footer to save a 9.  Ads after tossing a spittle laden rolled up $1 bill at the post tourney celebration at Al's naked joint
Rat preparing for this year's event. Burnsie - after spending the better part of the 80's at Delaware County Community College
Rat taking his kid (Hunter - are you kidding) hunting for the first time   Witzee's kid is the best golf instructor in the south
Pops encouraging his boy after the boy misses a 3 foot putt   Mooney after finding out he is in Pops' 4-some
Just one more Pops   Tony Schultz explaining all he knows about golf
Ads - after Hooven kicks his Ass in yet another golf match   Rat makes a bet with Luke that he just can't lose
Billy Morrissey arrives in the style in which he is   accustomed   Hooven, telling ads to keep his 4-some moving